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Sail area calculations

Mainsail Area = P x E / 2
Headsail Area = (Luff x LP) / 2 (LP = shortest distance between clew and Luff)
Genoa Area 150% = ( 1.5 x J x I ) / 2
Genoa Area 135% = ( 1.35 x J x I ) / 2
Fore-triangle 100% = ( I x J ) / 2
Spinnaker Area = 1.8 x J x I

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Sailboat Rigging

Sailboat rigging on a sailboat is the collection of apparatuses through which the force of the wind is transferred to the ship, in order to propel it forward. The term rigging consists of a group of mechanical sailing apparatus, that are attached to the sailboat's hull in order to move the boat as a whole. This could include ropes and/or cables attaching the spars and sails. This will allow to manipulate their position and sail shape. The sails are mostly aerofoil usually made of light weight fabric used to catch the wind. Among the rigging components are spars, masts and other solid objects to whom the sails are attached.

The term standing rigging on a sailboat refers to a series of lines, wires, and rods which are fixed in position to make the sailboat move while under sail. It specifically stands for the rigging parts that are placed under tension to keep the various spars, mast, and bowsprit, securely in position to make the sail handle wind loads.

  • I = Height of headstay termination above the sheer line
  • J = Distance between the headstay termination at the deck and the front of the mast at the sheer line.
  • P = Distance between black bands on the mast, or the maximum luff length of the main.
  • E = Distance between black bands on the boom, or the maximum foot length of the main
  • PY & EY are similar to P & E, but indicate mizzen dimensions
  • Fore-mast - the first mast, or the main-mast
  • Main-mast - the tallest mast of the ship
  • Mizzen-mast - The mast immediately aft of the main-mast
  • Jigger-mast - the fourth mast

The rigging mast of a sailboat is a tall vertical pole which supports the sails. Bigger ships could have several masts. This will vary depending on the size and configuration of the ship. The sailboat's masts are named from bow to stern or front to back.

Sailboat Rigging Types

Rigging parts of a typical triangular sail

  • The upper point is known as the head
  • The halyard is the line which raises the sail
  • The the bottom edge of the sail has two points
  • The tack is the forward one and clew aft

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